6 advantages of Roasting boxes

6 advantages of Roasting boxes

The Roasting box is a type of grill or culinary tool with which various cooking techniques can be carried out, thus obtaining tender, juicy and low-fat meats. Next, we will know some of the main advantages of Roasting boxes.

Better tasting and healthier food

The Roasting box allows the flavors and aromas of the food to be better concentrated, especially in comparison with other tools or types of cooking (for example, a grill), since the meats are cooked in their own juices and the fat content is eliminated, which allows to obtain healthier and healthier meals, since the heat originated (by the embers of the firewood or the coal in the metal lid) goes from the top to the bottom, causing the meats or food in general to cook on the inside from the box without having direct contact with the embers.

Different cooking techniques

One of the advantages offered by the Chinese box is that it allows us to apply different cooking techniques, since using a single tool, we can put into practice different methods/techniques to cook our food: Chinese box cooking, the grill, cooking with a cloth, smoking technique, steam cooking, salt technique, grill cooking, among others.

Does not require constant supervision

Unlike traditional grills, where the cooking of the meat must be constantly supervised, the Chinese boxes require minimal supervision, since the entire cooking process is carried out uniformly and without the food coming into contact with the grills. embers. This allows the person in charge of the preparation to also share with family or friends, which makes the event or gathering more enjoyable for everyone present.

Variety of food

The Roasting Box is a tool that, in addition to being multifunctional and versatile, allows you to cook different types of food, since various types of meat can be prepared in it, such as: beef, rabbit, chicken, lamb, duck, pork, turkey, fish, etc. in addition to being able to cook tubers, vegetables, legumes, greens and vegetables.


One of the main advantages of Chinese boxes is their portability, since they can be easily transported to different places, in addition to being used both indoors and outdoors. These characteristics give it great flexibility, since it can be used or adapted in different spaces or events, whether in the patio or garden of a house, a meeting room, parks, beach area, inside a house, in the field etc It is important to note that Chinese boxes have different models and sizes, which allows them to better adapt to our needs. Among the main models and sizes are: Mini, Small, Junior, Medium, Large and Professional Line.

Cheap fuel

The Chinese box is a tool that requires little fuel (whether firewood or coal) to produce the necessary embers to maintain a uniform temperature on the entire lid and thus generate uniform cooking in its internal chamber. The Chinese box uses a metal tray on the outside, which, in addition to serving as a lid, also fulfills the function of "holding the embers" that will generate the heat with which the food is cooked (either inside the internal chamber or in the upper part by means of a grill), which saves a lot of fuel and makes the most of the heat energy generated.

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